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Fit For A Queen
We offer the most innovative, stylish & individual products available. We will take time to choose the right products for you that will help you feel confident and support you on the road to recovery.
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After breast surgery, it may be difficult adjusting to the many changes in your life as well as coming to terms with a new appearance. Our focus is to make an easy and comfortable transition for you while restoring your confidence and natural balance. You will look more beautiful than ever.


Fit For A Queen

A Unique Shopping Experience

Fit for A Queen a unique shopping experience in women’s health care We specialize in mastectomy, lymphedema and maternity products and services, We offer the following products for women experiencing cancer:

  • Foam breast forms

  • Mastectomy bras including bras for radiation treatment

  • Mastectomy swimsuits

  • Post-mastectomy surgery camisoles with pockets for drains

  • Silicone breast prostheses

  • Silicone shapers for balancing the uneven presentation that may occur over time with reconstruction or lumpectomy

  • Waterproof swim forms

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